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Company Profile

EMPIRE Commercial Buildings Solutions is a Melbourne based commercial plastering company. We specialized in Metal framing, plastering, basement soffit insulation, façade cement sheet cladding and carpentry trades. With professional networks which span from construction and developments companies, to good council rapport, we ensure that our projects are cost-effective and efficiently staged. Having completed few successful large-scale apartment projects and on-going other mid to large projects over the past, we have gained consumer trust and demonstrated our strong work ethic to the developers and builders in Melbourne, Australia.


EMPIRE Commercial is specializing in exceptional walls and ceiling construction by using metal framing, drywall, lath and plaster techniques for both commercial and residential applications. Furthermore, we also provide the following services:


  • Suspension / Metal Ceiling Grid
  • Carpentry
  • Gypsum Wallboard Systems
  • Spray Fireproofing
  • Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems
  • External CFC Lining